Spencer Orville Archibald

We regret to announce the passing of Spencer Orville Archibald who passed away on April 17, 2022. He was preceded in death by Father: Daniel Ezekiel Maynard, Wife: Shawnette Archibald, and Brother: Dr. Paul Maynard.

He is survived by his: Mother Gladys Archibald Sutton and Stepfather Conrad Sutton; Daughters: Kenya Archibald and Abigail Archibald; Granddaughters: Renae and Chardonnay Napier; Aunts: Bernice Philbert and Imelda Archibald; Sisters: Suzan Sutton, Carmen Sutton, Millicent Maynard, Dr. Brenda Maynard, Dr. Prisca Maynard, Bernice Maynard, Inita Maynard, Dr. Eloise Maynard  and Lornette Morton; Brothers: Jervan Swanston, Keith Swanston, and Esme Williams; Nieces and Nephews: Cai Sutton-Charlemagne, Prisca Maynard, Gillian Maynard, Stephanie Boreaux, Dwijae Morton, Dylan, Jelani, Jaquani, Reesha, Aquilla, Jernelle and Mcquilla Swanston, John Maynard, Paul Maynard Junior, Dr. Celine Maynard, Veo Maynard Esq. and Carleen, Justine, John Maynard Junior; Cousins: Marilyn Philbert, Mark Walters, Bernadette Hendrickson Moisie, Pamela Jergens, Myron Dennis Callwood, Cynthia Powell Ayala, Jaypee Philbert, Joyah Walters, Irmin Monsanto Turnbull, Jay Archibald, Abelto Archibald, Faye Archibald, Dahlia Hendrickson Browne, Kenson Hendrickson, Kathleen Hendrickson and Karen Hendrickson, Gloria Bartlette, Alphonso, Kathleen Liburd, Carmel Allen, Angela, Ralph Allen, Tessa Bartlette, Althea Bartlette, Sandra Bartlette, Claire Bartlette, and Donald Bartlette, Laverna Bell, David Hendrickson, Patrick Hendrickson, Dale Hendrickson, Michelle Hendrickson, Philicia Walters, Philroy and Phillip Walters, Jr., Michael Philbert, Jr., Shirley Jeffers, Spencer Parris, Edna Morton, Sandra Walters, Paula and Rudy Archibald, Anthony Liburd, Kenrick Augustus, Heather Grosvenor, Giselle Waldron, Greta Prince, Bernice Eaton, Roderick Grin, Greta Gumbs, Dr. Dale Maynard, Sylvia Fahie, Alex Maynard, and many other family and friends too numerous to mention. 

The first viewing will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m at St. Ursula’s Episcopal Church in Cruz Bay St. John with a service to follow immediately at 10:00 a.m. Interment will be at the Cruz Bay Cemetery. 

Transportation will be provided from the Cruz Bay Dock.

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